Should I read books as a software developer ?

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Should I read books as a software developer ?

This is the question I hear a lot. My strong opinion is that this should be a must. Even though developer can learn a lot from different kind of tutorials or examples, nothing can replace a good book. You can read about different hot tools/frameworks, but they could easily disappear in a year or so. A book, and especially a good one, will give you good overview in a certain field, and guide you in authors angle from start to end of a subject. This will help you develop strongly as a software engineer. If book include examples, as it is very often, then you have it all in one place.

I tend to read about 20-30 books per year (when possible), and here I talk only about tech books. In the one of the following posts I will talk more about some best practices how to read a book.

Here I will wrote some of the great books from different areas, which every developer should read.


Professional development





Programming languages



Machine learning



If you know any other book not in this list, and want to contribute, do not hesitate to contact me.

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